For the digital payment business of the future.

GBS pay

GBS Gateway | Transaction Hub | Payment Platform

We have the solution for true end-to-end payment transactions (e-com and POS) and the digital platform banking (open banking) of the future. We support all relevant payment types such as

  • classic card payments (transaction hub | payment platform)
  • instant payments (PSD2)
  • mobile payments
  • other substitution methods for cash payments such as purchase on account, etc.
  • other online real-time methods in the banking sector (PIN distribution, e-safe, etc.)

With us you have at your disposal modern services such as

  • Payment processing of all payment methods
  • Modern risk management and
    fraud prevention
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automated invoice generation and
  • Flexible analysis & reporting
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • POS Management & Field Services
  • Accounts Receivable and Cash Management
  • Flexible marketplace solution
    and Affiliate System
  • Subscriber and
    Member Management
  • MOTO/ Pay by link/
    Pay by tab/ Wallet
  • Customer centricity across
    all channels
  • Shopping cart analytics
  • Consumer credit
  • and more

With us, you overcome existing silo and divisional structures. We thus guarantee you a fully comprehensive data view (customer centricity) of your customers. The GBS Gateway connects the national card worlds such as girocard© with the international card schemes and thus provides the customer with full mobility in all worlds of use. This provides the cardholder with a range of applications that leaves nothing to be desired, while at the same time making him fit for modern mobile payment such as Apple Pay ©, Google pay ©, Samsung pay ©, etc.

Thanks to the modern software architecture of the GBS Gateway, the independence of operating systems and the option of pure or hybrid cloud operation, we can not only significantly shorten the time-to-market for the introduction of new products and services, but also achieve a considerable reduction in the costs for operating the IT infrastructure in-time & in-budget.


AUTHENTIC is the core application of the GBS Gateway and as such is an intelligent, highly available and efficient real-time transaction processing platform designed especially for today’s fast-changing payments business. For Acquirers, Issuers, Banks or Processing Companies processing conventional or real-time payments, AUTHENTIC’s flexibility offers efficiency and future-proofing for processing any number of complex operations on a single platform.

  • PLATFORM: AUTHENTIC processes and converts every transaction, regardless of its origin.
  • CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY: AUTHENTIC captures all transaction data of your customers in a single logical database, overcoming the traditional and still prevailing silo structure in the payment business and beyond.
  • TIME-TO-MARKET: AUTHENTIC provides real-time, up-to-date client information for each business report at any time. This ensures a fast and customer-focused introduction of new products and services.

AUTHENTIC is high performance and PA-DSS certified with 10,000 transactions per second. AUTHENTIC can take any type of transaction from any device, source or system, authorise and authenticate it and forward it to any destination. AUTHENTIC offers multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-channel support through its flexible and efficient architecture, and enables compliance with current and future EMV standards as well as contactless and mobile payment.

AUTHENTIC has a modern architecture and can be deployed in the cloud, in a traditional data centre environment or in a hybrid operating model.


Fraud Management | Risk Management

FRACTALS (Fraud Management | Risk Management)combines and evaluates information from any payment channel and thus consequently follows an omni-channel approach. In this way, data from card-based transactions, from online banking or mobile banking can be linked and evaluated in real time. Highly suspicious transactions can be rejected directly during authorisation processes with a previously unattained level of accuracy.

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