Für den digitalen Zahlungsverkehr der Zukunft.


Authentic is an intelligent transaction processing platform designed specifically for today’s rapidly changing payments business. For acquirers, issuers, banks or processors processing conventional or real-time payments, Authentic Flexibility provides efficiency and sustainability for handling complex processes on a single platform.

Authentic is high performance and PA-DSS certified at 10,000 transactions per second. Authentic can capture any type of transaction from any device, source, or system, authorize and authenticate it, and forward it to any destination.

Authentic offers multi-institutional, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-channel support through its flexible and efficient architecture, and enables compliance with current and future EMV standards as well as contactless and mobile payment methods. Authentic has a modern architecture that can be used in both cloud and traditional data center environments.


Fractals combines and evaluates information from any payment channel, taking an omni-channel approach. In this way, data from card-based transactions, online banking or mobile banking can be linked together and evaluated in real time. Highly suspicious transactions can be rejected directly within the scope of authorization processes with a hitherto unattained accuracy. If, for example, authorization requests are sent to the authorization computer more or less simultaneously by debit card use in Moscow and mobile credit card use in New York, which are assigned to a unique customer situation, authorization is rejected and misuse prevented.

In online banking, Fractals reacts to unusual behavior, such as accessing an account via previously unused IP addresses in combination with suspicious target accounts or a high withdrawal at an ATM shortly thereafter.

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